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Diabetes Educator Course (Certificate Course)

The electronic Diabetes Educators Course (eDEC) is available to graduates in Nutrition, Nursing, Pharma, Occupational and Physiotherapy (eg- BSc Nutrition, BSc Nursing, B Pharm, Bachelors of OT, Bachelors in PT). Additionally, these students should be working for a 3 months period at one of the centres recognized by HDDT under a recognized mentor. It is a 6 month course, punctuated by continuous self assessment test and 1 final test taken on-line under the supervision of their mentor. Upon successfully passing the test, a certificate of training by Dr.Chandalia's DENMARC and HDDT is issued.


Course Content

Section I
History and Etiopathophysiology
Section II
Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Classification
Section III
Management of DM
Section IV
Comorbid conditions in DM
Section V
Short-term and acute complications in DM
Section VI
Chronic complications in DM
Section VII
DM through lifecycle
Section VIII
Self-management and day to day care of DM (Living with DM)
Section IX
Counseling strategies and communication skills
Section X
New frontiers in DM
Living with Diabetes

A person with diabetes can lead as normal a life as any one else. A determined effort at lifestyle changes can dramatically convert a dull and ailing life to a robust and healthy one. A person with diabetes must fully arm oneself with detailed knowledge of the disease. This will enable one to manage this chronic illness with ease and efficiency. Currently, there are rapid advances taking place in the understanding and management of this disease, thus making the life of a person with diabetes healthy, funfilled and fulfilling. This booklet will help one understand and manage this disease more effectively. It will empower one to take full control of one’s life. One should be able to manage the disease on a day to day basis, based upon the selfcare skills described and further prevent omplications of the disease



  • Dr. (Prof.) Hemraj Chandalia

Contributors to Course

  • Dr. Hemraj Chandalia
  • Dr. Shaival Chandalia
  • Ms. Sonal Modi
  • Dr. Dhruv Singh
  • Ms. Patricia Sadri
  • Ms. Niyati Likhite
  • Ms. Sweta Maniarr
  • Ms. Sarita Bajaj
  • Dr. V.Balaji
  • Dr. Munichoodappa
  • Ms. Niti Desai
  • Dr. B.K.Sahay
  • Dr. Samar Banerjee
  • Dr. Sunil Jain
  • Ms. Pooja Shah
  • Dr. Arun Bal
  • Ms. Kavita Gupta
  • Dr. Sunil Gupta
  • Dr. Sweety Chandalia
  • Dr. Benny Negalur
  • Dr. Ganpathi Bhatt
  • Dr. Vijay Vishwananthan
  • Ms. Sonia Kakar
  • Ms. Salomee Benjamin
  • Dr. Sharad Pendse


  • Ms. Niyati Likhite
  • Ms. Sweta Maniar
  • Ms. Monisha Joukani