Help Defeat Diabetes Trust

Help Defeat Diabetes Trust (HDDT) is a registered non profit public trust, having amongst its many objectives, the main objective of promoting education and awareness amongst people with diabetes, diabetes educators and diabetologists. Currently, it is engaged in creating a website for e based training of diabetes educators. Most trustees of HDDT are working for several decades under Diabetes Endocrine Nutrition Management and Research Centre and have been instrumental in developing effective education programs in the field of diabetes.

The electronic Diabetes Educators Course (eDEC) is available to graduates in Nutrition, Nursing, Pharma, Occupational and Physiotherapy (eg- BSc Nutrition, BSc Nursing, B Pharm, Bachelors of OT, Bachelors in PT). Additionally, these students should be working for a 3 months period at one of the centres recognized by HDDT under a recognized mentor. It is a 6 month course, punctuated by continuous self assessment test and 1 final test taken on-line under the supervision of their mentor. Upon successfully passing the test, a certificate of training by Dr.Chandalia's DENMARC and HDDT is issued.

Attempts are being made to link the program with a University, so that a formal diploma certificate can be issued. A trainee needs to pay Rs. 10,000 for registering and obtaining access to this training course for a 6 months period.

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  • Dr. (Prof.) Hemraj Chandalia

Contributors to Course

  • Dr. Hemraj Chandalia
  • Dr. Shaival Chandalia
  • Ms. Sonal Modi
  • Dr. Dhruv Singh
  • Ms. Patricia Sadri
  • Ms. Niyati Likhite
  • Ms. Sweta Maniarr
  • Ms. Sarita Bajaj
  • Dr. V.Balaji
  • Dr. Munichoodappa
  • Ms. Niti Desai
  • Dr. B.K.Sahay
  • Dr. Samar Banerjee
  • Dr. Sunil Jain
  • Ms. Pooja Shah
  • Dr. Arun Bal
  • Ms. Kavita Gupta
  • Dr. Sunil Gupta
  • Dr. Sweety Chandalia
  • Dr. Benny Negalur
  • Dr. Ganpathi Bhatt
  • Dr. Vijay Vishwananthan
  • Ms. Sonia Kakar
  • Ms. Salomee Benjamin
  • Dr. Sharad Pendse


  • Ms. Niyati Likhite
  • Ms. Sweta Maniar