Diabetes Educator Course

The electronic Diabetes Educators Course (eDEC) is available to graduates in Nutrition, Nursing, Pharma, Occupational and Physiotherapy (eg- BSc Nutrition, BSc Nursing, B Pharm, Bachelors of OT, Bachelors in PT). Additionally, these students should be working for a 3 months period at one of the centres recognized by HDDT under a recognized mentor. It is a 6 month course, punctuated by continuous self assessment test and 1 final test taken on-line under the supervision of their mentor. Upon successfully passing the test, a certificate of training by Dr.Chandalia's DENMARC and HDDT is issued.

Course Content

Section I
History and Etiopathophysiology
Section II
Epidemiology, Diagnosis, and Classification
Section III
Management of DM
Section IV
Comorbid conditions in DM
Section V
Short-term and acute complications in DM
Section VI
Chronic complications in DM
Section VII
DM through lifecycle
Section VIII
Self-management and day to day care of DM (Living with DM)
Section IX
Counseling strategies and communication skills
Section X
New frontiers in DM

Attempts are being made to link the program with a University, so that a formal diploma certificate can be issued.

Duration   :   6 months

Fees           :   Rs. 10,000

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Some of frequently asked questions


What is Help Defeat Diabetes Trust ?

Help Defeat Diabetes Trust (HDDT) is a registered, non-profit trust. It has a variety of objectives, all focused on the welfare of people with diabetes. The trust promotes education and awareness amongst people with diabetes, diabetes educators and diabetologists. Currently, it is engaged in creating a website for e-based training of diabetes educators. This effort is towards creating a new cadre of health-care professionals to help people with diabetes. This website also carries extensive free access educational material for people with diabetes.

Who is the course meant for?

The course is meant for graduates in Nutrition, Nursing, Pharmacology, Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy (BSc Nutrition, BSc Nursing, B Pharm, Bachelors of OT, Bachelors in PT), Doctors actively engaged in diabetes care will also benefit by taking this course. People with diabetes motivated to learn more about their disease will also benefit from this course.

What is the duration of the course?

It is a 6 month course, with final test taken on-line under supervision of a mentor.

What are the course fees?

Normal  fees are Rs. 10,000/- for the 6 month course.

Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes, Certificate of Training will be issued by HDDT at the end of the 6 month course duration. The certificate will be issued only if 3 months hands-on training  along with case studies under the guidance of a mentor is complete  and the final test is passed.

What are my job prospects on completion of the course?

The course will enable an individual to compete for a variety of jobs in the health sector. A diabetes educator can be employed in community and private hospitals, community and private clinics, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. Diabetes educators are expected to spearhead community programs instituted to prevent diabetes.

How do I apply?

If interested, registrations can be done on our website, after which details regarding the payment of fees and mentor approval will be sent via email. Thereafter, you will receive a User ID and password to access our 800 pages of course material, audios, audiovisuals and our self-assessment tests.