Living with Diabetes - An Introduction


A person with diabetes can lead as normal a life as any one else. A determined effort at lifestyle changes can dramatically convert a dull and ailing life to a robust and healthy one. A person with diabetes must fully arm oneself with detailed knowledge of the disease. This will enable one to manage this chronic illness with ease and efficiency. Currently, there are rapid advances taking place in the understanding and management of this disease, thus making the life of a person with diabetes healthy, funfilled and fulfilling. This booklet will help one understand and manage this disease more effectively. It will empower one to take full control of one’s life. One should be able to manage the disease on a day to day basis, based upon the selfcare skills described and further prevent complications of the disease


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Course Content


Types of Diabetes

Diagnosis of Diabetes

Management of Diabetes

Monitoring Control Of Diabetes

Sick Day Guidelines

Personal Care

Complications of Diabetes

Diabetes in Special Situations